CEEC aims to contribute to the European cooperation within the field of construction economics. We welcome new members, so if you like to join us, please let us know and we inform you about the possibilities.


We distinguish four types of member:

  • Full
  • Individual
  • Honourary
  • Associate

Full members are professional associations or groups within a European country, who’s principal objectives is to promote the profession of construction economics and which have a substantial number of members practising the profession of construction economics within their country. Full members have full voting rights and can use up to the maximum of three votes available to representatives of that country. Where there is more than one association who qualifies as a full member for that country, those full members shall agree the proportion of representatives and voting rights for their country.

Individual members are individuals practising the profession of construction economics in European countries in which no professional association or group exists which could qualify for full membership of the council. Individual members have full voting rights and a maximum of three Individual members may represent their country. Each Individual member has one vote.

Honorary members are individuals who are admitted by reason of their position, experience or eminence. Honorary members have no voting rights.

Associate members are firms, organisations, academic institutions and any other individuals or bodies whom the committee consider appropriate to admit. Associate members have no voting rights.

The president and general secretary of CEEC are independent and elected by the committee for their term of office. The president has a casting vote. The general secretary has no voting rights.


Associations, groups, firms, organisations, academic institutions or individuals who wishes to become a member of CEEC, can contact our general secretary, MARY FLYNN, preferable by e-mail, info@ceecorg.eu.

Applicants will then be informed which type of membership would be most suitable for them. The applicant must provide appropriate written evidence of their suitability to be admitted to membership to allow the general secretary to advise on their application. Should the general secretary consider that sufficient evidence has been provided and should the applicant confirm in writing that they wish to proceed, their application can be put before the next meeting of the General Assembly where the council will vote on the application. The applicant(s) will subsequently be informed by the general secretary of the result.

The current rates of annual subscription for full members ranges from euro 1.000 to 3.250 per annum, depending on the size of the organisation and the size of their national construction industry compared to other European countries. The annual subscription for individual corresponding members is euro 250, and for other affiliate members euro 500.


The best and quickest way to contact CEEC is by sending an e-mail to info@ceecorg.eu.

c/o 74 Rue de la Fédération, 75015 Paris